Hidden Dash Cameras 101

Dash cameras act a the car’s watchdog, especially when the vehicle is unoccupied. Thanks to technology, modern cameras have the parking mode feature which relies on the motion detector to activate recording when the car is stopped. Thus, it is necessary that these cameras be as discreet as possible. Otherwise, they would not accomplish their intended task.

Investing in a hidden dash cam gives the owner piece of mind when they are away from the automobile. In cases where the car has occupants it gives them the chance to take recordings stealthily. This is particularly useful in capturing notorious law breakers, such as corrupt police officers.

Construction and design of hidden dash cams

Faithful to their appellation, hidden dashboard cameras are different from third conventional counterparts in that they adopt an inconspicuous and sleek outlook. A majority are customize to articulate perfectly with the rearview mirror, in a way that they are unnoticeable. Usually, the camera is entirely obscured because it is placed behind the mirror.

Another huge advantage of hidden dash cams over normal variants is their direct connection to the vehicle’s power system. Typically, these cameras are hardwired via the fuse box. This gives inconspicuous dash cams the upper hand over its competitors, as it is immune to power-related shortcomings such as overheating and battery malfunctions. Furthermore, the wiring is concealed within the car’s chassis. This hits two birds with one stone, as the driver remains free of distractions while the car maintains its aesthetic feel.

The shape of hidden cameras is also unique. Instead of the usual layout where cameras attach to the dashboard using suction cups, hidden cams are secured using clips. Moreover, the cameras are often triangular it trapezoidal in shape, a design meant to reduce their footprint and thus make them appear as a part of the vehicle.


Let’s face it, a majority of road users, even the innocent, do not like to be filmed. Having a hidden camera gives the user an opportunity to record roadside behavior without openly infringing the wishes of a third-party. Also, traditional dash cams interfere with the car’s dashboard layout, thus reducing the aesthetic appeal. Due to their inconspicuousness, hidden dash cams are also less likely to distract the driver.

If you are looking to emulate the stealth levels af an elite undercover cop, then investing in a hidden dash camera is a no-brainer. This, however, is not limited to wannabe spies, as anyone interested can get their hands on a hidden dash cam!