A Small Orange Review

A Small Orange Review

For those users hosting large services, it might be difficult to explore the market when so much is at stake. This article will explain the options offered by one of the many smaller companies available to users so that those same users can explore the market without having to take the risk. ‘A Small Orange‘, or ASO, approaches its hosting duties a little bit differently from other hosts like HostGator. The standard hosting template involves selling seals, features, and sex appeal in a veritable stable of ‘beautiful girl advertisements’. ASO has the daring to be different, and even aesthetic differences can show the risky character of a company that’s thinking outside of the box.

The CEO of ASO is a former HostGather employee, which is an important credential to have when venturing into the uncharted territories of server hosting. A Small Orange has also received very encouraging reviews from users thus far, and while these positive points might seem like small fry when compared with questions over their features, bandwidth and abilities, users would be amazed to learn that a large amount of small fry can be weeded out by simply weighing their presentation together with their staff and reactions from trusted forums.

But onto the nitty gritty: ASO provides a clear and succinct impression of the bandwidth and disk space they allot users. They do not mislead you and exaggerate their services. Their entry level package is an affordable twenty eight dollars a year with coupon, which makes them the suitable fit for users who want to run several WordPress blogs and other undemanding services. A Small Orange also has a good variety of plans that should be able to fit a wide range of users.

Where ASO really shines is their customer service department. The industry standard customer service for server hosts is not exactly glowing, but A Small Orange will typically get back to their users within half an hour. Most host servers, believe it nor not, will take days to reply to queries, questions and concerns.

New users purchasing ASO are recommended to utilize this terrific customer service when exploring their packages, as the packages offered by a lesser known host like A Small Orange sometimes differ from the features and standards people are used to from larger hosts like HostGator. That said, A Small Orange does use the standard cPanel and Softaculous for their CMS script installs.

Relatively new server hosts like A Small Orange might lack the tried and true history that backs other hosts that have been in the game longer, but that’s not necessarily a point against them. As much as new hosts should be approached with caution, that same newness can lead to terrific innovations and prices that benefit the users. For more cool stuffs, check out power moves latest reviews on wordpress hosting and comparison to other web hosts.