Selling A Site On Flippa

Flippa is an online auction site dedicated to buying and selling websites. If you have a website that you no longer want to maintain, you can sell it at auction or for a buy it now price at Flippa and make some money. How much money depends on the quality of the website and how well you market it. Investors know that Flippa is the place to buy so with a good marketing campaign, you are likely to get a fair price. Some people use Flippa to flip websites. They either create a website just for the purpose of selling, or they purchase a low performing website for a low cost, improve it, and sell it for a higher price.

Selling a site on Flippa is a straightforward process. It is similar to using any online auction site. You list your site, set a minimum bid, a reserve price, and maybe a buy it now price, and the bidding begins. Flippa charges a listing fee, and if your site sells, takes a percentage of the sale price. There is a maximum fee so for those with premium, high worth websites, Flippa can be a deal. Flippa gets your website a lot of exposure so that it is easier to sell than if you set out to find a buyer on your own.

There are several tips that can help you get the most money for your site. First, make sure your site is at its best when you list it. No one is going to pay much money for a site that is not performing well. If there are some quick performances boosters that you have been thinking about adding, now is the time to go ahead and make those improvements. If your site does best during certain seasons, those are probably the best times to sell.

Next, make sure that you look like a responsible seller. When you describe your website, be honest. People won’t believe you if you lie about your site’s potential. Google analytic data is an excellent way to backup your claims. If you think your site’s performance will improve in the future, by all means, share that but do it in a realistic manner. If you are selling a site for a price much lower than you say anticipated future profits are, no one is going to take your auction seriously. Buyers will think that you might be perpetuating a scam.

The last bit of advice is to mind your numbers. Before you list your site, check out the prices that similar sites have sold for. Ask friends and online contacts what they think a fair price is. Then, set your minimum bid low and your reserve reasonable. You want that minimum bid to be something someone makes right away. You want your reserve, the absolute minimum price that you are willing to let your site go for, to be fair, and you want your buy it now price to be honest so that if there is an honest buyer who really wants the site, they won’t have to go through the whole auction process. With these factors in mind, selling a website on Flippa should be a fairly easy process for those who want to make a profit selling their sites.